Monday, July 22, 2013

Catch Me if You Can!

Hello, Hello (Traditional)
Wiggle Your La-De-Dah  (Ralph's World)
When I'm Feeling Up  (Rick Hubbard)
We're Roaming in the Rainforest--Krebs
Do the Monkey/The Monkey Dance  (The Wiggles)

Mango Treats (
Drip Drop (Play School)

I Can Run as Fast as You (Play School)  [sit]

Can't Catch Me!--Collis

Down in the Jungle (Kiddy Music)
Monkey See/Monkey Do (Play School)

Dancing Rainbow Colors (Nancy Stewart)
Like a Leaf or Feather (Play School)

When the Parachute Goes Up . . . (we sing together)
     tune: If You're Happy & You Know It
     clap your hands, stomp your feet, say hooray
Parachute Goes Up and Down (Play School)

Stretching Song (Juice Music)

Please Sit Down (Super Simple Learning)

This Little Light of Mine (Elizabeth Mitchell)
I tried this one for the first time today. I bought flameless LED tea lights and gave one to each child. I turned the lights out, and we sat on the floor together and sang. It really calmed us down!

The More We Get Together (we chant)

Instrumental music

**All music is recorded, except when noted.

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