Monday, August 5, 2013

Rain Stompers

Hello, Hello (Traditional)
Wiggle Your La-De-Dah (Ralph's World)
When I'm Feeling Up (Rick Hubbard)
The Rain Stomper--Boswell
The Tempo Marches On (Jim Gill)

Bean Bags:
Bean Bag Parade (Kimbo)
We paraded around the story time room.
Take that Bean Bag (The Learning Station)

I Can Run as Fast as You (Play School)

Move Over Rover--Beaumont

Ten in the Bed (Wally Whyton)
Row, Row, Row Your Boat (Bob McGrath)

Rain, Rain Go Away (Traditional)
Drip, Drop (Play School)

Running in the Raindrops (Sticky Kids)
Please Sit Down (Super Simple Learning)

Floating Cloud (Kimbo)
Goodbye, Parachute!

The Stretching Song (Juice Music)
This Little Light of Mine (Elizabeth Mitchell)

The More We Get Together (as a chant)

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