Monday, January 6, 2014

Train Time

Every winter, our local chapter of the National Railroad Historical Society puts up a model train display in our front window. To celebrate, we shared train stories and songs today.

Hello, Hello (Traditional)
Wiggle Your La-De-Dah (Ralph's World)
When I'm Feeling Up (Rick Hubbard)

I Love Trains--Sturges

Hands are For Clapping (Gill)

Fabric Letters:
ABC Song

Stretch Up [sit]


Stretchy Band:
Clickety Clack
Sticky Bubblegum

Egg Shakers:
Hip Hop Body Rock (Learning Groove)

Play tunnel:
We pretended to be trains and chugged around the room and through the tunnel.

The Stretching Song (Juice Music)

This Little Light of Mine (Mitchell)

The More We Get Together

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