Monday, June 23, 2014

Dancin' Dogs

Session One:

"Hello, Hello" (Traditional)
"Wiggle Your La-De-Dah" (Ralph's World)
"When I'm Feeling Up" (Rick Hubbard)
Arms Up . . . Shush . . .

Dog's Colorful Day--Dodd
"Hands are for Clapping" (Jim Gill)
"Dancing with Wags the Dog" (The Wiggles)

Wrist Ribbons:
"The Rainbow Song" (Marcia Dawes)
"Country Classics Start and Stop" (Hap Palmer)

"Shake Sillies Out" (Play School)

"If You Could Get Any Pet That You Want"
     (w/cat, duck, and shark puppets)
Baby Shark
"The Stretching Song" (Juice Music)
"This Little Light of Mine" (Elizabeth Mitchell)

The More We Get Together

High-Fives and Goodbyes


Session Two:

Open, Shut Them
"Good Morning Back" (Rhymezwell)  **my new favorite
Arms Up . . . Shush . . .

Dog's Colorful Day--Dodd

Egg Shakers:
"Shake It Up" (Chipmunks)
"Hip Hop Body Rock" (Eric Litwin)

Bean Bags:
"Take That Bean Bag"

We put the wrist ribbons on the parachute and bounced them to
"The Rainbow Song" (Dawes)
1,2,3 UP . . . 1,2, 3 DOWN!
"Shake Our Sillies Out" (Play School)

"The Stretching Song" (Juice Music)
"Goodbye" (Rhymezwell) **my other new favorite

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