Monday, October 14, 2013

Going on a Leaf Hunt!

Hello, Hello (Traditional)
Wiggle Your La-De-Dah (Ralph's World)
When I’m Feeling Up (Rick Hubbard)
We're Going on a Leaf Hunt--Metzger
Lap Song:  Row, Row, Row Your Boat (Bob McGrath)
Tree Song
Walking, Walking (Super Simple Learning)
Rhythm Sticks:
Woodpecker (Hap Palmer)
Tap Your Sticks (Mary Harman)
Hop. Hop. Stop. [sit]
Fall Leaves Fall--Hall
Freeze Dance (Fresh Beat Band) 

Leaf Letters:  (I cut leaves from craft foam and wrote a letter on each)
ABC Song
Autumn Leaves (Learning Station)
We acted out the song with our scarves
Bounced silk autumn leaves, practicing fast and slow, up and down
(We could have done this the entire 45 minutes!)

Stretching Song (Juice Music)
This Little Light of Mine (Elizabeth Mitchell)
The More We Get Together

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